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How Long Will My Commercial Property Take To Lease or Sell?

(Duration: 05:11) A common question when we are appointed to lease or sell a commercial property is “how long will it take?” In this episode: 00:24 – Honestly, it’s impossible to predict 00:40 – Are you being realistic? 02:20 – Is your property attractive to investors? 02:50 – Factors that may help reduce time on…Read More→

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How Does Land Tax Apply To My Commercial Property Lease?

Learn if land tax applies to your commercial property lease… and if so, how it is calculated. (Duration 01:58 secs) Correction – it is common practice for land tax to be calculated on single ownership basis. 00:28 Is land tax usually included as outgoings? 00:40 How is land tax calculated? 01:15 An online land tax calculator…Read More→

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