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Our property managers can help you slash your to-do list and liberate yourself from the everyday demands of your investment, whilst ensuring your property is not falling short of its full income potential


“We are highly impressed with your professionalism and expertise, and could not recommend you enough.Thank you for assisting us with the ongoing leasing and management of our properties over the years. The quality of service provided, in addition to the quick responses we receive, keep us up to date at all times with never a question left unanswered.”

Murray Westlund
West Coast Office Equipment

“I would like to thank Anna Lynch for her assistance with the purchase and ongoing management of my commercial property. Anna is a wonderful real estate agent who understands the market and is knowledgeable with all aspects of real estate. Anna is also lovely to deal with, as she is honest, trustworthy and a great communicator.”

Cynthia Yap
Dynamic Insurance Services

“Anna came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint.
She genuinely cared about tenant selection and had a tenant signed up in very short time. I would highly recommend Perth Commercial Property to anyone needing a reliable and honest agent..”

Mike Kane
Director - Precision Carpets

“We have and will continue to recommend the services of Perth Commercial Property as a company that delivers on its promises in a prompt professional manner whilst not charging exorbitant fees.”

Terry Machin
Accountant /Company Secretary
Kailis Consolidated

Here are just a few ways that we can help you

We can fix your tenant problems and improve your situation in many ways, a few examples include

How It Works

Never feel deprioritized again

Substandard property management costs you money. A missed rent review here, and an unrecovered outgoings item there, can have a dramatic impact on your investment income over the long term

If you’ve lost confidence in your current property manager, we can help you regain full confidence that your property is being proactively managed, and no opportunity to improve your income is being missed

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What about the cost of property management ?

All the benefits of professional management with zero impact on your bank account.

It’s common for many of our landlords to pay no management fees from their own pocket.

That’s right, you may be able to recover 100% of the management fees from your tenant
- just like the vast majority of our clients each month.

Contact us for a free lease analysis and we’ll let you know if the fees are payable by your tenant.

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Can I get out of my existing management agreement?

People make the switch to PCP after becoming dissatisfied with their current managers all the time. We will need to ensure you are not breaching your contract (we can help you with this) although it’s common for a property manager to release you if you are not happy.

Why should I hire you? when I can manage the property myself?

That’s one way to go. Although if you’re reading this my guess is a) you’re time is valuable, and b) you don’t have enough of it already?

Many of our best clients used to self-manage their property until they realised how much work and specialised knowledge is really involved, and that it was smarter for them to focus 100% on their business / work, while we take care of their investment, liberating them from tenant distractions and headaches.

Seriously, my tenant will pay the management fees?

Absolutely. There are a few exceptions, but the vast majority of our landlords have their fees paid by the tenant. To find out if you’re like the majority of our clients, contact us

How can I be sure you’re the right company for me?

We think our existing clients explain the Perth Commercial Property difference best. Read their testimonials above and feel free to contact us if you wish to have them confirmed verbally, some of our clients are more than happy for you to confirm their experience over the phone.

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