Land Tax Increases and Commercial Property in WA – Why The Hikes?

It’s been said “the only things certain in life are death and taxes”. It should come as no surprise then, that land ownership does not escape the attention of the tax man. Land tax is payable annually by owners of land and is administered by the Office of State Revenue, . .

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Perth Commercial Property Market Update – July 2015

What’s really happening in Perth’s commercial market? If your understanding of the current commercial real estate market is cloudy at best, you’re certainly not alone. In this update you’ll learn exactly how the commercial market is performing and how you might be directly affected. Commercial Landlords are experiencing declining rental . .

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How To Lease Your Commercial Property (infographic)

A macro look at the steps involved in placing a tenant in your commercial property. Skipping any one of these steps could prove catastrophic.

Leases and the Law: Which Party Pays for the Creation of a Commercial Property Lease?

As either a commercial property owner or as a tenant, a lease agreement is a vitally important document. A commercial lease attempts to set out the rights and obligations of both parties to the contract – that is, the landlord, known as the lessor, and the tenant, known as the . .

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