How to offend a commercial property manager

Ever wanted to get under a Commercial Property Manager’s skin? 

These quirky questions have given us a giggle or two over the years, but it’s time to set the record straight.

At Perth Commercial Property, our stellar team of property managers are a far cry from the ‘rent collector’ cliché – they are the secret ingredient to property investment success.

Follow along as we answer some of our ‘favourite’ questions and find out what really happens behind the scenes.

“Don’t you just collect rent?”

Oh, the age-old classic and ultimate slap in the guts to a commercial property manager!

While rent collection is a vital aspect of property management, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Property Managers handle a plethora of tasks, from marketing your property to find the best tenants, conducting tenant screenings, negotiating lease terms, and documenting the lease agreements that favour your investment.

With Perth Commercial Property’s zero tolerance rental arrears policy and a Chartered Accountant at the helm, you can rest assured your nest egg is growing while you focus on what matters most.

“Maintenance is easy – anybody can find a contractor on Google!”

While property maintenance is a part of their role, our Property Managers go far beyond reactive maintenance requests. We leverage long standing relationships with quality contractors and suppliers to ensure an optimal outcome.

They proactively identify maintenance and potential compliance issues, and ensure your commercial property remains in top-notch condition. Their goal is to protect your investment and keep your tenants happy and satisfied, aiding in tenant retention.

Landlords with dependable property managers in place always win. They travel, live overseas, benefit from low vacancy and enjoy more success from their investments.

“Why should I pay for something I can do myself?”

We know, we know – we make it look easy! But behind their smiles and steady hands, Commercial Property Managers are juggling more than you might expect – often a lot more!

In addition to all the above, our Property Managers handle legal compliance, deal with tenant disputes, and maintain detailed financial records. They possess in-depth knowledge of the local market to ensure your property is competitively priced.

It’s their experience, insight and network of relationships that save our clients time, money, and headaches.

“It’s only a small property, it’s not much work!”

Our Property Managers are adept in providing 5-star quality customer service no matter the property. Smaller properties receive the same level of attention and are often in-fact more demanding than larger properties.

From promptly responding to enquiries and ensuring a smooth occupancy and vacate process, our property managers create a positive tenant experience, encouraging longer lease terms and reducing vacancy.

They’ve never met a ‘just one more thing…’ call they can’t handle.

“I’ve got this! I can put a ‘For Lease’ sign up out the front myself.”

Well sure (cheeky!) anyone can plant a sign on the verge and post a listing online. Our property marketing skill set is a little more nuanced.

Our Commercial Property Managers develop comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to your property’s unique features. They identify the type of tenancy that may be suited to the property, leverage multiple channels, extensive networks, and relationships to attract the right audience.

We have the resources to ensure your property gets the exposure it deserves.

All jokes aside…

Property Managers are the backbone of successful commercial property investments. Juggling a myriad of responsibilities to protect your assets and maximise your returns. And we love what we do!

Get in touch with Perth Commercial Property today, to experience the difference of having a knowledgeable and reliable property management team on your side. Happy investing!

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