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Commercial properties are attractive investments in terms of asset appreciation, passive income and leverage opportunities.

Like all investments, commercial properties such as office spaces, retail shops, showrooms and industrial buildings require investment in time and attention to numerous details.

Managing your own properties is certainly possible, but without the skills and experience of seasoned Perth Commercial Property Management Companies, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities such as increasing rent to meet current market rates or worse, compromising and breaching your tenant agreements or the Acts that regulate commercial real estate leasing in Western Australia.

Hiring a dependable commercial property manager can help boost your property’s value and revenues, while relieving you of much of the stress inherent in owning and leasing property as an investment.

Roles of a commercial property manager

Minimise vacancies: Property managers work hard to ensure shorter vacancy periods for your property by introducing interested tenants to your property via leasing agents, BEFORE your current tenant is due to vacate. A superior property management firm will have a growing network of high quality clients with immediate requirements for a commercial premises.

Selecting the right tenants: Filling vacancies should never compromise tenant quality. Thus, commercial property managers & leasing agents scrutinise potential tenants for you, carefully examining their financial position, rental history and current credit standing before drawing up a commercial lease agreement.

Rental reviews: It is the duty of your property manager, acting on your behalf, to diligently make rental increases in accordance with the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. In addition to obtaining the best possible rent for your property, your commercial property manager can also require new tenants to lodge a rental bond and bear specific costs for maintenance and operating costs, (otherwise known as outgoings) the terms of which will appear in the lease agreement.

As liaison between the landlord and tenant, the property manager will also collect rent and swiftly respond to, and handle maintenance or repair issues.

Why you should hire a commercial property manager

Investors desire solid growth in value of their assets, yet most overlook or underestimate the time and knowledge required to manage a commercial property lease correctly.

Marketing a property, conducting in-depth checks on potential tenants, drafting tenancy agreements, issuing default notices, following up with rental arrears and responding to tenant requests can take a significant investment in education & soak up a large chunk of your time.

Not to mention handling the lodgement of bonds & bank guarantees, and reacting to property maintenance and repairs. Without experience, you may overlook important details and expose yourself, or your investment to legal complications. The simplest way to avoid costly mistakes is through delegating property management to experts like Perth Commercial Property.

Perth commercial property management companies can take care of all your property management needs, optimising your investment & allowing you to focus on your family & business life. When choosing the right commercial property manager, consider their experience, the type of services they offer and feedback from existing clients.

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