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You are looking to sell or perhaps lease your commercial property. It could be an office building in Perth’s CBD, a warehouse or two in Osborne Park,

a suburban shopping centre, or a unique space that would make the perfect home for Perth’s latest popular café or small bar.

Whatever sort of commercial property you own, you are going to want to leverage the expertise and experience of a proven real estate agent — one who specialises in commercial real estate— to help sell or lease your property swiftly.

A stellar real estate agent is a valuable ally, particularly when you are new to the leasing business. From finding quality tenants quickly, to helping you navigate through the offer and acceptance process, and securing dependable property management,
these and more are just some of the things your chosen commercial real estate agents should be highly proficient at when renting out commercial space.

Below are some things you should consider before hiring your real estate expert.

Check for an industry track record.

Doing research on certain businesses and service providers is easier, thanks in large part to the Web. Today, you have access to news items, articles, customer or client reviews, and, to some extent, industry reports on the particular service provider you are considering.

Customer testimonials are especially helpful as they reveal whether the methods the commercial real estate agent uses are effective in securing a successful tenant/buyer. Moreover, other customers’ accounts provide valuable clues on the quality of service you can expect moving forward.

Look over the commercial properties in the agent’s portfolio.

Check out the commercial real estate agents listings to see whether they’re familiar with leasing (or selling) the type of property you own. Are there more warehouses than office buildings?
Is there a good mixture of different commercial properties, and are they in a variety of locations?
By examining the agent’s current listings, you can glean some extra info on whether your own commercial property will be a perfect match to the agent’s skills, expertise and experience.

Communication is the Foundation to a mutually successful relationship.

Does your agent take days instead of minutes or hours to return your call?

The single biggest complaint we hear from clients who make the switch from another agency to Perth Commercial Property is…

…incompetent to non-existent communication from their previous agent.

The point after all of relying on a professional, is to alleviate some of the time-pressure and stress inherent in real estate transactions.

If your commercial real estate agent’s communication process isn’t streamlined and has you running from one place to another, double checking documents, or generally muddling negotiations, you may be paying your agent a high price for additional headaches!

Today more than ever, you want to work with a commercial real estate agent who is impeccably organised, detail-oriented, and highly capable.

This is the kind of relationship that can help simplify the leasing or selling process of commercial properties.
From generating a sound and accurate property appraisal when you’re selling, to accepting offers to lease, your real estate agent should streamline every part of the real estate transaction.

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