Osborne Park


Osborne Park in the 1800s.  In 1840 The Crown granted TRC Walters a 6020 acre parcel of land North of Perth in Western Australia. When Walters died in 1874 a portion of his Estate was sold off to William Osborne.  That parcel of land later became the suburb we now call Osborne Park.

Home to Chinese market gardens and farms for decades, Osborne Park soon became a mecca for European farmers who made a living from the swamp land and abundance of available water.

Osborne Park has undergone huge transformations over the years and continues to evolve to this day.


Now home to many national and internationally recognized business’s, including retailers, high profile car yards and industrial manufacturers, Osborne Park has long been recognized as a major commercial hub in Perth Western Australia.
Due to its close proximity to Perth’s CBD, access to freeways and other major arteries it provides excellent opportunity for business that rely on easy and fast access to Perth’s City and northern suburbs.

WAN (western Australian newspaper) occupies a huge percentage of Osborne Park’s Herdsman Business Park.  Another high profile business that calls Osborne Park home is the luxury and super car dealer who sells Ferrari’s, Aston Martins and Maserati’s, to Perth’s rich and famous, Alf Barbagallo.

Comprising office, warehouse, retail and industrial zoning you should find a suitable commercial premise to operate your business from in Osborne Park.

Major Roads • Hutton St• Scarborough Beach Rd • Frobisher St• King Edward Rd

Number of business’s 1751

Distance from CBD 8km

Local Council City of Stirling

Post Code 6017

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