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A diverse range of commercial properties are available for investors. Commercial Real estate can yield high returns on your investment depending on the amount of time and effort you put into finding and structuring the best deals.

The challenge lies in knowing where to find the best deals and activating them in a way to produce maximum cash flow. Hiring experienced commercial real estate agents is ideal for property investors targeting superior properties and extracting as much profit as possible from their investments.

Tips for investing in commercial real estate

Study potential investments thoroughly: Various factors surrounding commercial property can affect its current and future values. The average income of the surrounding community, vacancy rates, type of property – industrial / retail, approved use, distance from the CBD, infrastructure plans, legislation and other factors should be examined and analysed for their possible impact on property values in the area.

Consider market diversity: Commercial real estate can attract both local and non-local buyers such as multinational companies planning to set up a local branch, immigrants, and investors who are on the lookout for profitable deals on the back of Australia’s recession resistant economy.

Currently Western Australia is attracting a high level of investment from Asia. Retail behemoth Aldi has also recently announced it intends to move into WA… they are currently searching for an 85,000 sqm site to build their distribution warehouse.

Aim for continued occupancy for your properties: Vacancies ultimately equate to lost revenues for a property investor. Find a stellar commercial leasing agent and invest in marketing and advertising vacant properties. Also consider identifying expiring leases and begin negotiating new tenancy agreements before existing ones expire. Strive to retain good tenants who pay on time and take good care of your commercial premises. Consult commercial real estate agents who can tell you why some of your properties are not occupied and enlist their help to fill the vacancy immediately.

Don’t take chances, put in the effort to find a world-class real estate agent: Finding lucrative investment deals, marketing, refurbishing, repairing, and negotiating and preparing tenancy agreements takes significant time and energy, not to mention in-depth knowledge and skill. Commercial Property owners, however, we find are often busy running other businesses, or investments. Your best option is to hire commercial real estate agents who can professionally manage the difficult side of property investing for you.

Perth Commercial Property agents possess the knowledge, experience and skills to lease, sell and manage your commercial property investments. We are perth’s foremost experts at marketing and advertising commercial real estate for sale or lease, finding and screening potential buyer & tenants.

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