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Why run yourself ragged over tenant tantrums & property dilemmas when there is a perfectly good solution to all your problems?

And commercial real estate agent Anna Lynch has the answer.

Lynch, apart from being the founding director of Perth Commercial Property, is also a chartered accountant and an award-winning commercial real estate agent. Her expertise and experience in the industry has enabled her to become a leading commercial real estate agent, successfully leasing and selling many properties in Perth and its surrounds.

A dependable property manager, Anna Lynch says, is certainly worth his or her weight in gold. An investment in professional property management would certainly take a heavy load off time-poor or highly stressed landlords shoulders – provided the managers are experienced and dependable.

Why would a commercial property investor want to spend their time chasing after delinquent tenants who do not pay their rent on time? especially when the tenant pays for a property manager to do that job.

Usually business owners themselves, I see no good reason why a property owner would bother themselves with periodic property inspections…

Let a full-time professional take the tenant phone calls about property repairs and maintenance.

The managers will also ensure all bills and invoices incurred by the property – as operating expenses are up to date.

To avoid being left with the bill for property management, Lynch’s advice is to get the ideal leasing structure in place from the start.

It is very common for commercial property management fees to be paid by the tenant, and not by the property owner in Western Australia (with the exception of a retail lease). All outgoings costs that concern building operation — including the services of a commercial property manager — are typically shouldered by the tenants.

Lynch adds, however, that if you intend to rent out your warehouse, office unit, or showroom, it is best to ask your leasing agent if you can pass-on the cost of property management to the tenant prior to structuring the lease.

Commercial property management requires experience, time, and patience — all of which a professional property manager possesses. So try and enjoy your time as a property owner without the burden and stress. Invest in professional commercial property management. Keep your tenants happy — and your property secure, and continuously lucrative.

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