Our Best Resources On Getting The Most From Your Commercial Property

These are our most popular articles on managing your commercial asset most effectively.

The ultimate guide to commercial property rent reviews

Correct negotiation and diligent implementation of rent reviews are critical to your asset generating the highest possible return year on year.

In this post we demonstrate the benefits of selecting the right rent review method (eg CPI vs fixed percentage), and how missing a single rent review can be devastating to your overall return.

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Unravel the commercial outgoings mystery

Perth Commercial Property and outgoings

Probably the single most misunderstood topic in commercial real estate, learn how outgoings are charged and which costs are typically recovered from your tenant.

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Finding and appointing the perfect commercial property manager

Perth commercial property's guide to finding and appointing the perfect commercial property manager

Is your investment preventing you from speding your time how you would like? Delegating the day-to-day duties effectively requires that you find and appoint an exceptional property manager. This guide will see you off a good start.

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