Learning HOW to Invest in Commercial Property in Australia?

Looking for an office space, warehouse or showroom for sale? With such limited info out there about commercial real estate how do you know if you’re making a wise investment decision?

Investing in the Perth commercial property market is an altogether different ballgame to the residential property investment game.  Many investors find the prospect of buying a commercial property daunting and prefer to stick to the residential market.

Market information and statistics about the Australian commercial real estate sector is extremely limited and investors can too easily become frustrated by the lack of info, throw in the towel and leave the commercial property cash cow to the people who feel most comfortable with the niche market… business people!

Savvy investors know there are huge benefits in investing in commercial property, but it will require some different strategies and knowledge to those employed in the residential investment game.  So where do commercial property investors go to cut their teeth?

We’ve put together a list of helpful links for budding commercial property investors.