Instructions – Offer To Lease (Non-Retail)

This resource was created to help you complete an Offer to Lease a commercial property (Non-Retail).

Please review each step below carefully and take your time completing the Offer to Lease – ensuring you’ve correctly completed and signed ALL areas of the document before sending back to us.


Page 5. Special Conditions

Special Conditions on the REIWA offer to lease. Please ensure you sign inside the special conditions box.



Page 6. Guarantors

In most cases the landlord will require Individual Guarantors. Guarantors must:

  1. Insert your FULL names (including middle names)
  2. Sign as Guarantor in front of a witness
  3. Have the witness sign in the witness section

If providing Corporate Guarantors, go to next step.


Providing Corporate Guarantors? you must provide:

  1. Full name of Corporation
  2. ABN
  3. Name and signature of Director(s).



Page 7. Sign The Lease

If there is more than 1 director, you must have at least 2 directors sign, unless your company constitution states you need more.

Signing as an individual, not a corporation? skip to the next step.



Individuals (NOT a corporation) signing the lease?

  1. Insert FULL names (including middle names) of individuals signing the lease
  2. Sign as Lessee in front of a witness
  3. Have the witness sign in the witness section


Page 8. True Copy

Sign the bottom of page 8, stating you have made a copy of the offer document and retain it for your records.



Your signature is also required on Annexure A and on the Plan (if attached) anywhere on the page.

Once you are certain that ALL the required areas are completed and all signatures are present, please scan and email the offer document to…