Are you still managing your own commercial investment property? Constantly chasing tenants for overdue rent? Are petty property issues an endless time-suck & source of stress?

Here’s a better solution…

As a savvy business owner or property investor… you’ve smartly chosen to invest in commercial real estate, & this is great news from a property management perspective…

Know why?

Here’s why; Most Commercial Property Management fees – are paid by the tenant, NOT the landlord!

I know, it almost sounds too good to be true right…

Well, let me show you exactly how this works…

You see, typically with commercial property leases, the tenants are responsible for paying the outgoings (the buildings operating costs).

The really cool part about commercial property management, is the fees your property managers charge – are considered to be outgoings.
So… if the tenant pays the outgoings, and property management fees are outgoings, then it stands to reason that the tenant pays the management fees, right?

Commercial property management really is the investors advantage.

Let me ask you this question…

If you could…

  • Shrink your daily workload
  • Eliminate the stress caused from your investment property
  • AND have a professional team of real estate managers look after your investment for you
  • PLUS have someone else pay for it…
Wouldn’t you be mad not to?

That’s why I’m so shocked when commercial landlords tell me they manage their own leases and don’t enlist the services of a reliable Perth Commercial Real Estate Management Company.

To be fair, not all commercial leases are structured correctly to allow for the tenants to pay the management fees… so, If you already have a lease contract in place – you’ll need to get your magnifying glass out & dig through the fine print to discover if you can offload the cost of property management to your tenant.

If however, you’re about to lease an office, warehouse, or showroom… you might want to check with your leasing agent if it’s possible to have your new tenants cover the cost of property management for you.

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