Depending on the type of business you run, you may want to be selective when choosing a home for your business.  Considering how large Osborne Park is you may find this article helpful when searching for a commercial property.

Most people consider Osborne Park when looking to setup or relocate a business north of Perth’s CBD , but little thought is given to exactly where in Osborne Park they should locate their business.“Ozzie Park” is a large and diverse area so some consideration should be given to exactly where the best spot is to operate your business from.

To do this we need to strip the Osborne Park commercial area down to 4 major chunks.

  • East of the freeway (dark green)

  • West of the freeway and south of Hutton St (pink)

  • West of the freeway and North of Hutton St (purple)

  • And the Herdsman Office Park area (light green)

This will give you a clear idea of where Osborne Park’s commercial areas lie, where the highest concentration of warehouses are located compared to office space etc.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these areas to find out which is most suitable for your business.

East of the freeway

Mostly older style warehouse buildings this side of the freeway is often overlooked by commercial real estate searchers.

Packed full with smaller, older style warehouses, occupied mostly by tradies makes this area the perfect place to start looking if you’re a first time industrial property occupier.

One exception to the east side is Main St, a busy arterial Rd in Osborne Park with a lot of retail stores, restaurants and takeaway shops.

West of the freeway – South of Hutton St

A large section of Ossie Park, this section is home to offices, warehouse, retail stores and more.

Offering great access to the freeway via Hutton St and Scarborough Beach Rd this area could be the perfect place for your business if your looking for an office, warehouse or are keen to open a retail store on either Hutton St, Scarborough Bch Rd, or Frobisher St to maximise exposure.

West of the Freeway – North of Hutton St

Matching the southern end of Osborne Park in size and similar in diversity of business, again home to warehousing, office complexes and retail business a drive around this area could be of benefit to you.

Main Roads include Hutton St Scarborough Beach Rd and King Edward Rd.

The Herdsman Office Park

The “flashy side” of Osborne Park, close to Herdsman lake, this area is considered the premium spot for office dwellers and is home to a plethora of professionals such as finance consultants, accountants etc.

Most of the business in this area are situated on Hasler Rd.

Home to WAN Western Australia Newspapers the only drawback to this area is access.  With no direct access to the freeway your best bet is via Hutton St or the Powis St freeway on-ramp via Jon Sanders Drive.

Rumours have been circulating for years now about the possible extension of Hutton St past where it currently ends – at Scarborough Beach Rd to provide more efficient access to Hasler Rd and the Herdsman Office Park.

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