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The Ultimate Guide To Commercial Property Rent Reviews

Implementing annual rent reviews is critical for ensuring your commercial asset is generating the highest possible return year-on-year. Despite market fluctuations, it is well accepted that rents are on an overall long-term upward trend. Thus it is reasonable for a landlord to receive increases each year so rent keeps pace with market. Commercial property rent…Read More→

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Anna Lynch – Why Some Commercial Property Owners Are Bonkers

  Why run yourself ragged over tenant tantrums & property dilemmas when there is a perfectly good solution to all your problems? And commercial real estate agent Anna Lynch has the answer. Lynch, apart from being the founding director of Perth Commercial Property, is also a chartered accountant and an award-winning commercial real estate agent….Read More→

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Use Commercial Property Management Companies To Optimise Your Investment

Commercial properties are attractive investments in terms of asset appreciation, passive income and leverage opportunities. Like all investments, commercial properties such as office spaces, retail shops, showrooms and industrial buildings require investment in time and attention to numerous details. Managing your own properties is certainly possible, but without the skills and experience of seasoned Perth…Read More→

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