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Commercial Property managers essentially do all the heavy lifting for commercial real estate owners…

When it comes to managing real estate, a commercial property managers main role, is giving the property owner piece-of-mind, whilst taking the bulk of the weight off their shoulders.

A professional property management company’s job is to shift the many responsibilities (and stresses) of commercial investment, from the owner… to a qualified and experienced property manager.

A dependable property manager is absolutely worth their weight in gold, and that’s the simple truth.

A proactive commercial real estate manager should take care of all of the following for the lessor…

Rent reviews & increases
Property condition reports or “PCRs”
Periodical property inspections
Following up with rental arrears
Managing bonds & deposits
Arranging maintenance & repairs
Ensuring all bills & invoices are paid

As you can see, a property managers job is as broad as it is specialised. Essentially the commercial property manager acts as a conduit between the owner, and the tenant… managing communication, any issues that may arise, and streamlining the many processes involved with leasing commercial real estate, for both the tenant & the land-owner.

Who Pays For Commercial Property Management Fees?

I’m glad you asked…

… as an owner, you may be pleasantly surprised that often (but not in all cases) it’s the tenant, not the owner, that pays the commercial real estate management fees!

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