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The Ultimate Guide To Commercial Property Rent Reviews

Implementing annual rent reviews is critical for ensuring your commercial asset is generating the highest possible return year-on-year. Despite market fluctuations, it is well accepted that rents are on an overall long-term upward trend. Thus it is reasonable for a landlord to receive increases each year so rent keeps pace with market. Commercial property rent…Read More→

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How Does Land Tax Apply To My Commercial Property Lease?

Learn if land tax applies to your commercial property lease… and if so, how it is calculated. (Duration 01:58 secs) Correction – it is common practice for land tax to be calculated on single ownership basis. 00:28 Is land tax usually included as outgoings? 00:40 How is land tax calculated? 01:15 An online land tax calculator…Read More→

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Tips For Leasing Commercial Property For The First Time

So You’ve got everything ready to go with your new business – and now you just need to find the right place to help it grow into a prosperous & successful venture. Leasing an business premises can feel like a big step if you haven’t done it before, but trust me, leasing a commercial property…Read More→

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